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Drive Engagement

We build user-friendly tools built for the 21st century, that inspire your employees to become modern philanthropists.

Delight Admins

We design our platform to be intuitive, reducing or eliminating friction so administrators can focus on their programs.

Deliver Impact

We seek ways to move money quickly and efficiently so that the charities our users support have the fuel they need.

The only mobile first-platform on the market

Groundswell allows your employees to give on the go with the only 5-star mobile app available on iOS and Android.

Groundswell saves you time and energy

Administrators can create and launch match and volunteer programs in minutes, not months, and report on results with a live, interactive dashboard. Now you can go back to focusing on engaging your people and delivering impact, not wrestling with outdated systems.

The fastest distribution timeline in the industry.

Groundswell is the only platform to offer an instant match and distributes 90% of donations within 24 hours. That's 99% faster than the competition.

Talk to a real human

We don't shy away from hopping on a call to answer questions or get what you need. Your success is our success.

One place to effortlessly manage your giving programs


Instantly match employee donations without the monthly invoice. Pick your rules, recipients, and match amounts to get started.


Send a charitable stipend to your employee’s giving accounts during moments that matter like a work anniversary or promotion.


Employees can log their volunteer hours directly in the Groundswell mobile app, making it easier for you to generate a volunteer match.

Corporate Grants

You can leverage Groundswell for all of your corporate grant making in addition to employee gifting and matching.


See the status and utilization of your giving program. Real-time data helps you understand the causes employees support.
Groundswell’s customer success team made implementation really easy. In just a few calls we were able to get up and running quickly—just in time for giving season
Kendra Larsen
Sr. Director of Human Resources, ESS, Inc.
Convergent wanted a giving program that was simple. Groundswell was able to give us exactly what we needed.
Ivy Gilbert
Sr. Associate, ESG & Inclusion
What was great about implementing Groundswell was it gave us a modern, easy-to-use program that immediately leveled the playing field between us and the largest financial institutions on the planet.
Chris Hughes
COO, Axonic Capital
I had explored employee giving software solutions in the past, but the price points and implementation timelines and costs just made them unjustifiable. How can I justify spending $40k per year on Benevity when we’re only giving away $100k? It seemed wildly inefficient.
David Bradley
COO, Hawk Ridge Capital

You’re safe with us

All your data is aggregated and anonymized as Groundswell is SOC 2 compliant and exeeds the compliance standards of Global Fortune 500 clients. Learn more in

Corporate philanthropy resources

Groundswell is built with the best user experience in mind for both administrators and employees alike.

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