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What is Groundswell?

Groundswell enables companies to provide their employees with workplace giving. Using Groundswell, companies can create gift and match programs to engage employees in charitable giving and increase employees’ donations to charity.

To give with Groundswell, employees contribute funds to their Personal Giving Accounts, then donate those funds to charities. In addition to contributing their own funds, employees receive funds from their employer through gift and match programs.

To make an even bigger impact, companies that use Groundswell can also direct corporate grants to nonprofits.

Are gift and match programs the same?

Using Groundswell, companies provide both gift and match funds to employees. With gifts and matches, employees can make even bigger donations and increase their impact.

Companies can send gifts to employees at any time. Employees receive these gifts right away, as long as they’ve enrolled in their company’s giving program.

With matching, employees first contribute their own funds. After contributing, match funds are sent to employees’ Personal Giving Accounts. Match funds appear within 2-3 business days, after employees make their contribution.

Which charities are available on Groundswell?

The Groundswell app includes 1.5 million+ charities. These are certified 501(c)3 organizations in good standing with the IRS. Groundswell doesn’t process donations to organizations denoted as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Each month, Groundswell reviews and updates its database of qualifying charities based on the IRS Publication 78 and Business Master File database. For organizations not listed in the IRS’s database but eligible to receive tax-deductible donations, Groundswell staff conduct due-diligence to ensure that the organization meets the IRS’s qualifying public charity standards.

The Groundswell app makes it easy to search for familiar charities or users can discover new charities to support.

Does Groundswell provide tax receipts?

Yes. Users can donate to as many charities as they like throughout the year. In January of the following year, a single tax receipt will be provided to make filing a little bit easier!

Is Groundswell the same as other corporate giving programs?

No. Groundswell accounts are powered by donor-advised-funds, or, DAFs. Groundswell’s DAF infrastructure provides companies and employees with a better experience compared to traditional corporate giving programs. Companies can easily send employees gift funds and quickly match employee contributions.

Groundswell is also different in how we advocate for employee privacy. Charitable giving is deeply personal. This is why we never share which specific charities employees are supporting with their employers.

You can learn more about DAFs here.

Who can use Groundswell?

The Groundswell app is open for all to use, by downloading it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, users can add funds to their account and donate to charity.

Match and gift program participation is limited to employees who work for companies that offer workplace giving with Groundswell. If an employee no longer works for a company that offers Groundswell, their Groundswell Personal Giving Account is theirs to keep.

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