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Create campaigns quickly and enable employees to make an immediate impact using Groundswell. You can customize the cause and organizations your corporation want to support.


Automatically match funds from a campaign into a Personal Giving Account for your employees.


See the status and utilization of your giving program. Real-time data helps you understand the causes employees support.

When disaster strikes

Whether a hurricane, wildfire, or earthquake, channel your employees’ desire to help.

At giving season

40% of individual giving happens between Thanksgiving and New Years – show you care by matching your employees’ generosity.

When tides shift

Unsure how to respond to recent legislation or decision? Empower your employees to take action.

You’re safe with us

All your data is aggregated and anonymized as Groundswell is SOC 2 compliant and exeeds the compliance standards of Global Fortune 500 clients. Learn more in

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