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Groundswell vs Cybergrants

Standard donation distribution timeline

24 hours

50-90 days

Standard match timeline


90-180 Days

Employee Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)
Portability of giving account
Donate with ACH
Donate stock
Native mobile app
Volunteer tracking on mobile
Instant matching
Invoice-free matching
Matching privacy for employees
Self-service payroll funding
Data API
Single tax receipt

Groundswell is a leader in
social impact

Groundswell is rated the best CSR platform on G2.

Groundswell consistently ranks as the G2 industry leader for corporate giving and volunteering platforms based on real customer reviews.


Ease of Use


Ease of Admin


Ease of Setup


Quality of Support

I had explored employee giving software solutions in the past, but the price points and implementation timelines and costs just made them unjustifiable. How can I justify spending $40k per year on Benevity when we’re only giving away $100k? It seemed wildly inefficient.

David Bradley

Hawk Ridge Capital

Why are people switching from Cybergrants to Groundswell?

Lower fees

Cybergrants charges 3% for their distribution fee and has additional fees that can add up when you least expect it. Groundswell charges just 1%, the lowest in the industry, and never charges ad hoc fees.

Faster distribution

It can take up to 4 months for a match to reach a nonprofit through Cybergrants. With Groundswell, donations are matched instantly, and 100% of charities receive their funds (both donation and match) within 24 hours.

Easier to use

The Cybergrants platform is often described as "clunky" and "unintuitive," resulting in frustration and inefficiency for both admins and employees. Groundswell was designed with admins in mind.

Better customer service

Cybergrants' customer service is hit or miss. With Groundswell, whether you need help launching a campaign or inspiration for your next event, our team is easy to reach and happy to help.

Admin-free payroll

Cybergrants' payroll giving solution requires dozens of administrative steps each pay period to execute, amounting to hundreds of hours a year for enterprise companies. Groundswell offers admin-free payroll giving.

Less admin

With Cybergrants, you can expect to deal with multiple monthly invoices, payroll reconciliations, and manual reporting - leading to piles of busy work. Groundswell was built to reduce your admin burdens by 99%.

See why our customers love us

“First of all, the customer service has been top notch! They are extremely responsive and always available to assist our employees with their questions. The Groundswell platform is really easy to use which was a plus in getting our employees adapted to using a new method.”
Jennifer S.
Enterprise (>1000 employees)
“I have contributed to many organizations over the years and most of my employers have had some sort of match program. It has always been such a big hassle to get the match submitted...I love that Groundswell is so super eacy and now my contribution will be higher because they will actually get the match.”
Jania S.
Enterprise (>1000 employees)
“The UX design is seamless, easily integrates my company / funding info, and I love how it tracks your progress on meeting your annual giving goals - makes it a fun and satisfying process! Thanks to Groundswell, giving back to the organizations making an impact in my community has never been easier.”
Mary Grace D.
Mid-Market (51-1000 employees)
“The pilot and implementation was straightforward to integrate with our culture and very well received and we have seen continued adoption since day 1. The mobile app features make it a few clicks for our staff to go from wanting to support a nonprofit to a donation. Having your personal "Foundation" making an impact is very empowering!”
Ryan R.
Enterprise (>1000 employees)
“This tool has allowed us to rapidly expand our employee matching and employee gifting programs and has been well received. Groundswell continues to add new features that make the platform even more valuable to us. Customer support has been very good for the minimal issues we have experienced and our associates report fast response times.”
Durward F.
Enterprise (>1000 employees)
“I really appreciated how easy it was to implement Groundswell. I've implemented a lot of tools in my time and Groundswell was very easy and straightforward. Within minutes I had loaded our employees and set up a fundraising/matching campaign. “
Libby C.
Enterprise (>1000 employees)

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