Corporate giving
for the modern era

Groundswell empowers companies and employees to become modern philanthropists with intuitive and engaging technology.

The top rated CSR platform on G2 for a reason.

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Employee giving solutions that match your needs

Contribution matching:

Groundswell’s highly configurable contribution matching can be launched in minutes.

Corporate campaigns:

Whether the goal is to stir up some competition internally or respond to a disaster externally, corporate campaigns help drive engagement.

Volunteer matching:

Stretch your budget further and reward employees that put in the time with a Dollars for Doers volunteer match program.

Charitable gifting:

Feeling extra generous? Groundswell enables you to deposit charitable funds directly into employees’ personal giving accounts.

It’s estimated that $4 to $7 billion of eligible employee donations go unmatched every year.

Groundswell exists to close that gap.

Introducing the instant match

Unlike competitor platforms, which often take up to 90 days to process a donation match, Groundswell matches employee donations instantly. Yes, instantly.

Next day distribution

We thought it was weird that legacy CSR platforms take 30 days to send donations to charity, so we fixed it. 90% of Groundswell’s donations are sent electronically to charity within 24 hours.

See ya later, admin headache

Nobody likes an inbox full of invoices and a task list full of monthly reconciliations. So we built a platform that eliminated them, freeing you up to focus on what matters - employee engagement.

Nobody likes fees, so we
lowered them

Legacy CSR platforms charge between 2.9 and 7% for transactions. We built a more modern system that costs us less - savings that we passed on to you with our flat 1% distribution fee.

Give on the go with

Groundswell is the only mobile-first platform on the market, unlocking engagement anytime, anywhere. Our native mobile app is rated five stars on both iOS and Android, but if you’re still on a flip phone, don’t sweat - our web experience has you covered.

Go global

Groundswell’s proprietary database of nonprofits spans across 83 countries and the platform can accept donations in over 100 currencies.

Modern Philanthropists use DAFs

Empowered Giving

Powered by Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs), companies can empower employees to make a large impact on causes they care most about anytime, anywhere.

Employees can give how they want:

(no fees)

(no fees)

Credit Card
(standard processing fees)

Stock donation